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Chapters 1 & 2 of Job begin with a picture of the Throne of God and a meeting wherein God's goodness is questioned by The Accuser, Satan.


The majority of Job (chapters 3-38) record conversations between Job and his friends. But his friends have one fatal flaw, they do not believe God does or allows anything that is not deserved.


In the final chapters of Job, God takes the stand for Himself and describes His eternal nature using the physical world.

Lee Snow - January 3, 2018

Job (Part 1) - The Integrity of Job

If God Is Good... (A Study Series on Job)

Scripture References: Job 1:1-12

From Series: "If God Is Good... (A Study Series on Job)"

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The Book of Job is one of the most profound pieces of literature ever to grace human existence.

- Wayne Jackson


Use these resources to help your further study of this amazing piece of the Bible. Please keep in mind that some of these resources may have things that are questionable given the truth of Scripture. As always, read and study with an open mind and Bible.


"If something agrees with Scripture, accept it; if it does not agree, reject it."
- Garland Elkins